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The Weird One Puzzle

We hope you enjoy your crossword puzzle that you have selected! Remember to check our more of our Saturday's Crossword Puzzles and share them with your friends. If you are a parent or teacher, print as many as you'd like and use them for extra learning practice and fun activities!
Play this by skill fun puzzle about weird things. Do you know of a weird person, place, or thing? There are weird things, people, and even places all around us. Weird is the new normal if you think about it. Being this way can make people laugh at you or with you. If you are an odd person you can actually be a comedian and make everyone laugh all the time. Enjoy this weird puzzle and think of odd things.
This crossword consists of a few words Across(A) and a few words Down(D). Review the clues for each word and fill in the corresponding boxes with the letters that spell out the word!

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