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Junior Crossword Puzzles

The junior crossword puzzles on our website are meant for children to do. The puzzles are on fun themes and topics, which are great for little ones. The hints are easier than for adult puzzles, so they should be able to complete this type of puzzle fairly easily. Among the choices we feature in this category are Parts of the Body, Everyday Items, Art Masters, Shapes, School Subjects, and other great free online games. No matter what a child is interested in, he or she will enjoy figuring out the answers in these cool junior crossword puzzle games.

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Work Force CrosswordsWork Force CrosswordsEveryday Items Crossword PuzzleEveryday Items Crossword PuzzleCrossword for Everyday ItemsCrossword for Everyday ItemsYour Refrigerator Crossword PuzzleYour Refrigerator Crossword PuzzleParts of the Body Crossword PuzzleParts of the Body Crossword Puzzle
Green Foods CrosswordsGreen Foods CrosswordsShapes Crossword PuzzlesShapes Crossword PuzzlesSeasons Crossword PuzzlesSeasons Crossword PuzzlesArt Masters CrosswordArt Masters CrosswordGarden Vegetables CrosswordGarden Vegetables Crossword
School Subjects Crossword PuzzlesSchool Subjects Crossword PuzzlesMarried PuzzleMarried PuzzleCan you Whether the Weather?Can you Whether the Weather?
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Check out our other subject categories for all of the options we have, including games, skill level, holiday and more. It is easy for you to do your junior crossword puzzles right on the website, by simply clicking the link and then clicking on a box anywhere in the puzzle to start. However, you also are able to download and print out a paper version if that is how you prefer to work on them. Set your children or students up with these fun games, and soon enough, they will be able to do the more difficult crossword puzzles.