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Easy Crossword Puzzles

Individuals who are new to doing crossword puzzles should start out with these easy crossword puzzles. These generally have very simple hints and answers, and are smaller than your average puzzles. They are meant for you to get the hang of how these fun games work. Once you have mastered completing the easy level, then you can move on to the more difficult ones we feature on our website, from Junior level on up to the hardest level. Among the options we have in this category are Insect, Days of the Week, Farm, Independence, Planets, Animal, and several other great options of this fun online game. No matter where your interests lie, these easy crossword puzzle games are sure to make you interested in this game.

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Colors Crossword PuzzleColors Crossword PuzzleDays of the Week CrosswordDays of the Week CrosswordCollege CrosswordCollege CrosswordInsect Crossword PuzzlesInsect Crossword PuzzlesAnimal Easy Skill Crossword PuzzleAnimal Easy Skill Crossword Puzzle
Things Found Outside  CrosswordThings Found Outside CrosswordPlanets CrosswordPlanets CrosswordMonths of the Year CrosswordMonths of the Year CrosswordHoliday's Crossword PuzzleHoliday's Crossword PuzzleFarm Animal CrosswordFarm Animal Crossword
Continents and Oceans CrosswordContinents and Oceans CrosswordIndependence Day Fun Crossword PuzzleIndependence Day Fun Crossword PuzzleFun PuzzleFun PuzzleName that Building PuzzleName that Building PuzzleDrink in ModerationDrink in Moderation
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We offer many different categories of crosswords from which you can choose. We hope that you will enjoy our skill level, school, themed, holiday, and other category choices. They will keep you busy for many hours. Share your love of easy crossword puzzles with your family, who can help you to complete a puzzle as a fun and relaxing activity. Be sure to refer this site to your family and friends so that they can do these fun crosswords, as well.