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How to Make a Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are a great, entertaining game that anyone can enjoy.

People can also create their very own themed crossword puzzles to share with their friends and family. There are many websites that offer users the ability to play themed crosswords along with the option of creating a free crossword puzzle online. If the person would like to do this, they by all means may go ahead. However, making a crossword puzzle is very simple and only requires some paper, pen or pencil, ruler and a black marker.  To make a crossword puzzle, the first thing the person will need to decide on is the grid size of the puzzle. Some crossword puzzles might be small while others could be medium or large. Once the person has decided on the grid size they would like, they may use their ruler to trace 1/2 inch spaced vertical lines from one side of the page to the other. 

After the vertical lines have been traced, 1/2 inch spaced horizontal lines may then be traced from one side of the page to the other. This will create a crossword puzzle basic grid page. After the grid has been created, the person can then decide on a theme for their puzzle and write down a list of key words on a separate sheet. If the person does opt to use an online puzzle maker, they will be allowed to select a pre-made puzzle size.

Next, the words will then be filled into the crossword puzzle grid. There are a few ways of doing this so that all of the puzzle words can be incorporated into the puzzle. One of the most commonly used ways is to arrange the words into the puzzle by counting the letters and then blacking out the ending squares with a black marker. After the words have been entered into the puzzle, they can be numbered. Afterwards, for each corresponding box number, a clue may be written down on a piece of paper. If the person is using a free online crossword puzzle software, the corresponding boxes will be automatically numbered.  Lastly, new crossword puzzle grids may be made complete with being numbered. The crossword puzzles can be given to friends or family along with the hint sheets so that people may get a clue if they're lost in the puzzle. If the crossword puzzle was constructed online, the clue sheets will be automatically created as well.