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Free Crosswords and Puzzle Games

Whether you need an activity for school or you just want to spend some down time keeping your mind sharp. offers a wide range of options and settings to allow you to get comfortable and have some fun with these brain teasers.

The best part about it is everything is completely free. There are many general and themed free crossword puzzles that are suited for both kids and adults. Furthermore, the crossword puzzles can be filled out online, or you can print them and fill them out wherever you like. Another great feature is the crossword puzzle maker. You can create your own word puzzles and share it with your friends and family.

Add as many words as you want, and provide the clues you feel are necessary to help. This free tool will provide you with hours of challenge and entertainment to make the best crossword puzzle possible. You too have the option to fill it with general knowledge, or make it a themed puzzle. Plus, the difficulty of the puzzle is completely up for you to decide. is the most effective supplier of crossword puzzles online. The options provide you with limitless opportunities. It is the perfect choice for a fun activity.