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Crossword Puzzles for Children and Parents

Whether or not you're already a fan of crossword puzzles, there's plenty of reasons why adding them to your daily routine is a great idea. Daily crossword time can provide important benefits for both adults and children. Here are some of the reasons why.

Why crosswords are good for parents When you play a crossword puzzle, you're giving your mind a workout. As with physical exercise, the benefits of mental exertion increase with daily repetition. The mental exercise of a crossword puzzle gets your creative juices flowing. Now, this only works if the puzzle is difficult enough for you to be challenging. Luckily our site features a wide range of puzzles, so adults of all skill levels should be able to find appropriate puzzles. Check out our By Skill section to find puzzles that are right for you.

The more crossword puzzles you do, the more new words you'll be exposed to. A regular practice of playing will increase your vocabulary. You'll also force yourself to think outside the box. All this learning will help keep you on your toes mentally. You might even find yourself making more witty jokes with your enhanced verbal skills.

Why crosswords are good for children

Most kids are still learning how to have healthy habits, such as brushing their teeth twice a day. Doing a daily crossword puzzle can help show kids that healthy habits don't have to be boring; puzzles are as fun as games. Encourage your kids to play with you each morning during breakfast. By starting off the day with this mental exercise, kids will be primed to be focused and attentive at school.

Crossword puzzles will help your children do better at school in multiple ways. Just as your vocabulary is expanded, your kids learn new words as well. They'll also learn the study skills and mental habits necessary to do well with standardized tests. Most importantly, your kids will know that learning can be fun!